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An important WARNING about the Reality is Fake video series

In creating our recent videos, we have consulted with psychiatrists at Tulane University and a research psychologist at the Tavistock Institute. After a recent conference call with these professionals, we feel we must issue the following warning:

If you, as an individual, have not reached a certain level of
we would ask that you
do NOT WATCH these videos

The videos released by Reality is Fake are not intended as a replacement for meditation, behavioral therapy or any psychiatric medication.

Initial results from viewing these videos can range from unnoticeable to OVERWHELMING at first–but generally level out with regular viewing.

If you think that you may be prone to OVERREACT please DO NOT WATCH these videos.

Consult with a medical professional if you believe that you have experienced any untoward reactions or abnormal ideation after watching these videos.

Thank you- Reality is Fake


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