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The Mandela Effect is a Perversion of Reality

On March 30, 1981 Ronald Reagan was shot and killed outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. That evening, Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush was sworn in as the new U.S. president, beginning almost eight dark years of heavy taxation and military spending that bogged the nation down until the end of the century. The recession was almost crippling, but the military spending worked well as a Cold-War strategy, escalating the arms race and leaving the Soviet Union destitute. The Soviets’ government collapsed in 1989, ending the Cold War. But it was not until Bill Clinton’s one-term administration that the United States recovered from the recession and reaped the economic benefits of being planet Earth’s only superpower.

That is how I remember things, in any case. Only recently, while doing some research, did I realize that history records things a bit differently. As it turns out, Ronald Reagan survived that shooting and went on to complete a fairly successful two-term presidency.

What is going on? Such a thing as a presidential assassination is not usually prone to tricks of the imagination. I remember all of this quite clearly. The shooting, the national shock, the histrionic funeral events, the initial controversy of President Bush’s new policies and the eventual defeat of the American people who grew tired of expressing their outrage. All of it happened. I remember it well. But the history books say otherwise.

This may be the most dramatic example of the Mandela Effect that I have personally encountered. No mere spelling difference, or subtle change in a brand logo, the very history of the world has changed in a awe-inspiring way. Having noticed this, I began to do a little bit more research and found a few other cases of the Effect in action:

1. Somewhere along the line, playing cards have gone from 50 cards to 52 cards per deck.

2. Packing peanuts have not been banned in the United States.

3. Twitter TV never happened, and the company’s stock has not gone up to the $200-$225 range.

4. The Sesame Street character Gobble Monster no longer eats just cookies.

5. The vintage Teddy Ruxpin craze never happened. Don Kingsborough remains a somewhat obscure person.

I have no doubt that may of you will be shocked to learn that these things are different than you remember them. Such details of the world can slip by us, unnoticed. It is absolutely true, though. You can look up any of these facts and find out for yourself that they are not quite as you remember them.

Reality is Fake 05.22.2017


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