Book Recommendations

Could you be a sleeper agent, and not even know it?

This week’s book recommendation is for a book that no one in the Reality Is Fake offices has actually read. Darryl Burnside, our social media manager, just happened to find it at the thrift store last week.

The book is written by Greil Marcus, who is also responsible for the very strange Lipstick Traces, which puts a wild, intellectualized and sort of mystical spin on the Sex Pistols story. That book, Marxist overtones notwithstanding, is a damn fine read. We hold out hope, therefore, that this new text will be similarly delightful.

It is encouraging, too, that the book’s topic is a film that is dear to our hearts. The Manchurian Candidate is an important piece of speculative fiction, and a favorite among soft-disclosure theorists. Is weaponized hypnosis real? Who can know? But the discussion almost begins and ends with this film, as The Manchurian Candidate puts the finest possible point upon the concept of using scientific mind control for military purposes.

The film’s artifacts provide a good Rorschach canvas for the old psycho-projective cinematic palimpsest read-in, too. For instance, what if “how about a game of solitaire” is a metaphor for the basic solipsism of the human animal, turning all of reality into elements of a self-absorbed-but-yet-predetermined card game? And if the Red Queen is a trigger… well “Red Queen” could indicate so many different (and yet similar) ideas that maybe it’s better to discuss the topic on another day.

In any case, we are all looking forward to having our turn with this book, though the way things are going around here, it might be a while before any of us get the chance.


Reality Is Fake – 05.26.2017


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