Our mission is to infect all media vectors with powerful deconditioning symbols. We create content that speaks to the conscious, unconscious and metaconscious mind. Even as you read this, the control matrix is losing its grip on you. Can you feel it?

Our weapons are detournment, covert semiotics and radical hypnotic subvertising. Our targets are the Projectionists of Gradual Murder who have perverted this reality with their ten-cent melodramas, which flicker like rotten shadows against a prison wall. Their movie sucks. We project our own movie over theirs, to clutter them and disrupt their stories. Can you see it?

Their movie sucks and their prison is too small. The door is wide open. It always has been. Throw down your synthetic popcorn and come outside. The birds are chirping and the sun is shining. The green field of freedom stretches to the horizon, flecked with infinite blossoms. Can you smell them?

We are a small team of marketing defectors, bitter occultists and non-utopian anarchists. Each of us understands that these are extraordinary times. The population is ready. The tools are available. The enemy is on its back foot. Now is the time to break the symbolism cartels and to tear down the hypnofascist citadel. This is the time. It has come at last. Can you join us?

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