The Reality About What Reality Is Fake Is Really About.

Our mission is to infect all media vectors with powerful deconditioning symbols. We create content that speaks to the conscious, unconscious and metaconscious mind. Even as you read this, the control matrix is losing its grip on you. Can you feel it? Our weapons are detournment, covert semiotics and radical hypnotic subvertising. Our targets are… Continue reading The Reality About What Reality Is Fake Is Really About.

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An important WARNING about the Reality is Fake video series

In creating our recent videos, we have consulted with psychiatrists at Tulane University and a research psychologist at the Tavistock Institute. After a recent conference call with these professionals, we feel we must issue the following warning: If you, as an individual, have not reached a certain level of PSYCHOLOGICAL MATURITY we would ask that… Continue reading An important WARNING about the Reality is Fake video series

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Our Social Media Assault is Underway

Hello! Reality is Fake has been churning out content for a few weeks now. There's plenty more to come, but it seems a good time right now to point out our extensive (though perhaps a bit disorganized) presence on social media. Each of the following accounts carries Reality is Fake content. The mix and pace… Continue reading Our Social Media Assault is Underway

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This Simulation Is Shutting Down!

A vector for synchromemetic reality manipulation. All codes include images. All images included codes. This timeline has been hijacked. A wet widow authored wordy ace water myth. I crowned lust. Here you are the observer. Here you are the observed. One eye at each end of the microscope. As without, so within. Cut word lines.… Continue reading This Simulation Is Shutting Down!


Important Channel Notes

Because we really really hate to confuse anyone, please be advised of the following organizational notes. New content, and official material, from the Reality is Fake staff is posted at realityisfake.wordpress.org according to our publishing schedule. Posts are republished at facebook.com/reality15fake within 24-hours. Followers at the facebook page will also benefit from bonus material, such… Continue reading Important Channel Notes